What Is Windshield Calibration?

Car owners are provided with a wide range of benefits from automobiles in today day and age as they are often outfitted with a variety of modern advancements. Although, many of these advancements can be just as frustrating as they are useful because modern day car owners struggle with knowing how and when to take care of them.

When individuals realize that their automobile’s windshield needs to be calibrated is a common example of this scenario. It seems outlandish to have to calibrate an automobile’s windshield although many advanced driver assistance safety systems (ADAS) required a properly calibrated windshield to function correctly which is the reason for this. Modern cars rely heavily on these systems to protect not only the vehicle but also those inside of it while on the road which is why it is so important to have completed.

It is generally assumed that a trusted expert like those at Carolina Windshield Centers will be required to complete the maintenance since many automobile owners don’t even know that their windshield needs to be calibrated. A properly functioning camera and safety system is what this guarantees. For those who have recently had a windshield replacement and are in need of help, Windshield Centers is proud to lend that helping hand.

Types of Calibration

The manufacturer of your vehicle is what the type of windshield calibration your car requires is heavily dependent on. There are different types of windshield calibration as some cars require one or the other and sometimes even both which is the reason for this.  Dynamic and static recalibrations are what these processes are referred to. Roads that are heavily marked are what dynamic recalibrations need in order to be completed successfully while static recalibration is quite different. This is because the vehicle needs an image positioned on a stand in front of the vehicle while it remains stationary. The process will be complete after roughly forty-five minutes to an hour.

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Windshield Centers can complete every kind of windshield calibration that your automobile could possibly require as our expert technicians are heavily trained in regard to all type of auto glass services. Windshield Centers would be proud to help carry out these services for you and ensure the safety of not only your car but those inside of it as well whether you’re looking for just a windshield recalibration, or you’re anticipating the need for one following a windshield replacement. For more information about us and our available services contact us today!