What is Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass is any glass that was made by the same manufacturer that made the original glass in your automobile. OEM glass is the best and safest glass to use in your automobile because it was made to the exact same specifications that your car was designed for. While to the naked eye every windshield looks practically identical, there are actually minor differences found between every car manufacturer’s choice of windshield. Differences in size, clarity, installation, and shape can make a big difference in regards to such a key safety feature for your car.

OEM glass will usually be made by the same manufacturer that made your windshield. However, because auto manufacturers usually subcontract their auto glass manufacturing, their may be a new manufacturer for your windshield. In this case, we can still get your original windshield, it just may be made by a new manufacturer.

At Windshield Centers, we always use OEM glass. Safety is the number one goal with every windshield replacement, and OEM windshields guarantee that your replacement services are of the highest caliber.


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