What is an Active Windows Display?

HUDs, or heads up displays, were designed by the military for accessing quick glance information while driving. However, HUDs were useful for more than just military use. They are also very helpful for everyday drivers, and will be even more powerful when HUDs are conveniently and safely displayed on car windshields.

Windshield HUDs garnered some buzz during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With all of your key driving information displayed on the front windshield, drivers will not have to divert their eyes away from the road. Drivers would be able to access a wide array of information and applications. Active window display HUDs will be able host Google and Apple designed apps.

One convenient feature to access on the windshield HUD will be GPS navigation systems. Drivers will not have to look at box GPS systems or dashboard GPS systems; instead the navigation commands will be featured right on their windshield.

Active window displays will allow drivers to interact with their apps completely hands-free as well. While this technology is already available for many drivers, it will only strengthen the safety advantages of windshield display HUDs. Complete synergy between the two technologies will allow for the safest driving experience.

Active windows display could work for any car. It would just need to plugged into the onboard computer. Active window display will work by inversely displaying the HUD from just under the windshield.


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