What are Windshield Bullies?

Windshield bullies are shady salesmen that come to your home, or meet you in a parking lot, to offer their “auto glass repair” services for your windshield. The “bully” will attempt to convince the unsuspecting car owner that their windshield is damaged badly enough that it requires a full windshield replacement. In most of these cases, the target’s automobile has extremely minimal damage, or none at all.

In many of these cases, the bully will claim that they can offer you a free windshield replacement due to advantageous insurance laws. However, the car owner will end up paying the bill, because the claim will be fraudulent. These activities contribute to a multi-million dollar auto glass fraud problem.

To avoid falling victim to a windshield bully, do not get your services off the street. Do not use services offered by door-to-door salesmen. Use resources such as the internet and word of mouth to get an idea of the caliber of the services offered by your auto glass shop of choice. Then, find a competitive quote. Additionally, if you are going through an insurance company, speak to them before agreeing to any auto glass service; make sure you are covered by talking to your insurer.


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