Professional top to bottom.  Customer service seems to be a dying art, and you guys have it from the scheduling to the technician who did the job. Will refer anyone who needs service to you!”


“The window was broken 1 day before I was scheduled to take an extended trip. From the time I called my insurance agent to the time the window was replaced was less than 24 hours – excellent service!!!


“Our Windshield Centers technician was prompt, knowledgeable, personable and very professional. In today’s business climate this was a true pleasure. Thank you for the experience.”


“I had my windshield replaced in the parking lot of my place of business. Everyone at the office was very impressed and asked for the name of the company that helped me with my windshield. You guys have great customer service and should be very proud.”


“The Windshield Centers technician that installed a new windshield for me did an outstanding job. Very knowledgeable, friendly, takes pride in his work and the end result is a job that has been well done. Your company is lucky to have a outstanding employee like him.”


“My vehicle was vandalized. The damage required a window replacement. I just want to say how much I appreciate your prompt, professional, and caring service in response to my claim. From first call, to especially the physical work that was performed, all aspects were top notch. The technician did an excellent job and should be commended. Thank you so much for a job well done.”


You guys have the process down and the people to execute it.  Great job and thank you.”


This is the easiest experience ever.  All I had to do was make one call and everything was arranged.  Having the work done in my driveway is so convenient.  Thank you.  This is customer service at its best!”


“I was very satisfied with the work performed on my SUV.  The scheduling of the appointment as well as the help with filing the insurance claim was extremely efficient.  The technician was on time for the repair and did an excellent job.  The car was very new so the window had to be ordered from the dealer, which only took one additional day.  An extra part was required for the repair to be complete and the technician made sure the part was delivered and installed the next day. Everything was done the way it should be done by a service business.  Great job.  I will recommend your company.”


“Saw your stellar reviews on Angie’s list and wrote one myself after the job was completed.  Keep up the excellent work and service.” 


“The technician that replaced my windshield was on time, very courteous and replaced my windshield in a timely and in a professional manner.  Thank you for having such professional personnel on your staff.”


Great service!  My appointment was on time and very quick. Your staff was friendly and professional.  I will highly recommend your services to any friends and family in need of having their windshields repaired or replaced.”

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