Safety tips for driving in the summer

Summer driving is different from other seasons mainly because the intense heat can be hard on your vehicle and because the roads are so busy with pedestrians.

Tire blowouts are a common symptom of the heavy summer heat. The heat causes the air in your tires to expand, causing blowouts in old, poorly maintained tires. Check your tires early and often to avoid a blowout.

Your car’s cooling system works the hardest during the summer months. The radiator, belts, hoses, water pump, cooling fans, and heater core are all going to need  to be in top shape in order to handle the heat. Get your cooling system checked out during the summer to avoid your car overheating.

The summer sees a lot more drivers on the road than in other seasons because of summer traveling. Additionally, there are many bicycles and motorcycles sharing the road with you. Remember to look twice and you could save a life.

There are many more pedestrians on the road during the summer enjoying the nice weather. Not only is there more foot traffic in general, but there are also more children and teenagers outside because of the summer vacation. Drive cautiously in residential areas where there are children likely to be playing outside.

Additionally, road construction is extremely common throughout the summer. Construction zones are a common sight, and you should be extra cautious going around the sites because of the high level of accidents in these areas.


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