Your windshield is classified as a “safety device” because it provides structural strength to your vehicle and helps to keep passengers inside the vehicle if an accident should occur. As a result, we never cut corners when it comes to a safe windshield replacement.

safe drive away time for windshield replacements

The Safe Drive Away Time Tag lets you know the exact time when the vehicle will be ready to drive.

The replacement windshield itself is just one factor in a safe installation. In addition to factory-authorized glass, the quality of the adhesive is equally important. At Windshield Centers, we use premium Sika brand urethane adhesive that we heat to 180°.  It provides the strongest seal possible as it cools. After conducting extensive research on all available windshield adhesives, we concluded that Sika delivers the strongest seal possible while keeping Safe Drive Away Time – the amount of time you have to wait before the adhesive is fully set and it’s safe to drive the vehicle – to a minimum.

Sika adhesive meets vehicle manufacturer standards and is widely used by high performance and luxury carmakers all over the world, including BMW and Mercedes. Furthermore, the Sika product is ideal for replacements in all kinds of climates.

Although it takes extra effort on our part to heat the Sika adhesive to 180°, the results are worth it, for it enables us to provide replacements that meet and exceed Federal Standards in a variety of weather and temperature conditions, both indoors and out. Moreover, it allows us to deliver a safe replacement as quickly as possible. After the adhesive is heated to 180°, it cures and sets faster than other products – making your car safe to drive in the shortest Safe Drive Away Time possible.

We want you to know precisely when your vehicle is safe to drive while reminding you how important it is to let the adhesive cure and set. Each time a Windshield Centers technician finishes a replacement, a Safe Drive Away Time Tag is hung on the rearview mirror detailing the temperature and humidity readings at the time of the service. (Temperature and humidity conditions determine how long it will take for the special Sika adhesive to set.) The technician then writes the exact time when the vehicle will be ready to drive on the tag. You can’t miss it. We always make sure you know exactly how long you’ll need to wait until the adhesive is fully set and it’s safe to get back on the road.

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