What Is Windshield Calibration?

Car owners are provided with a wide range of benefits from automobiles in today day and age as they are often outfitted with a variety of modern advancements. Although, many of these advancements can be just as frustrating as they are useful because modern day car owners struggle with knowing how and when to take care of them.

When individuals realize that their automobile’s windshield needs to be calibrated is a common example of this scenario. It seems outlandish to have to calibrate an automobile’s windshield although many advanced driver assistance safety systems (ADAS) required a properly calibrated windshield to function correctly which is the reason for this. Modern cars rely heavily on these systems to protect not only the vehicle but also those inside of it while on the road which is why it is so important to have completed.

It is generally assumed that a trusted expert like those at Carolina Windshield Centers will be required to complete the maintenance since many automobile owners don’t even know that their windshield needs to be calibrated. A properly functioning camera and safety system is what this guarantees. For those who have recently had a windshield replacement and are in need of help, Windshield Centers is proud to lend that helping hand.

Types of Calibration

The manufacturer of your vehicle is what the type of windshield calibration your car requires is heavily dependent on. There are different types of windshield calibration as some cars require one or the other and sometimes even both which is the reason for this.  Dynamic and static recalibrations are what these processes are referred to. Roads that are heavily marked are what dynamic recalibrations need in order to be completed successfully while static recalibration is quite different. This is because the vehicle needs an image positioned on a stand in front of the vehicle while it remains stationary. The process will be complete after roughly forty-five minutes to an hour.

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Windshield Centers can complete every kind of windshield calibration that your automobile could possibly require as our expert technicians are heavily trained in regard to all type of auto glass services. Windshield Centers would be proud to help carry out these services for you and ensure the safety of not only your car but those inside of it as well whether you’re looking for just a windshield recalibration, or you’re anticipating the need for one following a windshield replacement. For more information about us and our available services contact us today!

Why Windshields Get Foggy

Most of those who own a vehicle have had the experience of their auto glass such as the windshield becoming foggy at some time since they made the purchase. Despite this, not many of the individuals who have gone through this experience know the reason why it occurs. To prevent it, there are several considerations that one must know. Understanding how this phenomenon occurs will aid you in knowing how you can take care of and remove it from the auto glass in a scenario where you have difficulty seeing.

Similar to a crack in your auto glass that required instant fixing by an auto repair technician, foggy car windows are also crucial to take care of right away as they often lead to a loss of visibility during times of driving. Despite this, the contrast between the two is that car owners do not require expert auto glass technicians like those found at Windshield Centers to take care of foggy auto glass but rather they can remove fog fast by changing a few things in the automobile’s climate.

Understanding The Cause

The air’s moisture is one of the leading causes as to why your auto glass becomes foggy. This can be an issue for many as there are several things that can lead to a raised level of humidity within the car including things like people breathing in the car, outside weather, and much more. On top of the humidity, how hot or cold the air is often also plays a large role in whether your auto glass start to become foggy. When it is warm outside and your vehicle’s air conditioning is blowing on the auto glass, a contrast in temperature leads to the outdoor humidity gathering and fogging up the gas. This is due to the same reason that there is dew on the ground in the morning since the warm morning air touches the colder ground.

Addressing The Cause

When you finally know that leading causes of auto glass fog it is crucial that you understand how to take care of the problem. It is often said that automobile owners should try two things when experiencing this scenario: drying out the air and evaporating the water. If you feel like you are adequately comfortable, have your heat run through the auto glass vents works towards evaporating any moisture that is present in order to reduce fog. On top of this, if there are decent conditions outside drivers can always lower windows to reduce the contrast between the outside and inside temperatures. No matter the cause, taking care of the fog on your auto glass is vital to maintaining a clear field of vision.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

Although many may not realize it, the windshield of an automobile is one of its most crucial parts. The reason for this is because of the fact that it blocks a variety of elements from entering the vehicle while driving such as wind, rain, snow, and more! When you notice a crack in your windshield it is best to address it as soon as possible because even a small crack can quickly grow from a slight pain to a dangerous safety hazard. Many individuals have no problem ignoring a crack in the windshield although they would feel differently if they knew the crack was unsafe. This is why it is important to know how to check if a cracked windshield is safe to drive using a few factors such as the following:

Windshield Crack Size:

The first and most obvious aspect to check is the actual size of the chip or crack. There is a higher chance of your state having laws against you driving if your vehicle has a crack that is long and spread out. In this scenario, the best thing to do is address the problem immediately by replacing the entire windshield. Although, this does not have to be done if the crack is insignificantly small.

Windshield Crack Position:

In addition to the size of the crack it is vital to take into consideration where the crack is located on the windshield as the location can play a vital role in determining whether or not it is safe to drive behind the damaged window. Smaller cracks on the passenger said are often okay to ignore as they will not impede on the drivers ability to see the road whereas cracks that are located on the drivers side and have the potential to grow due to changes in temperature causing the glass to expand and contract. These sort of cracks can quickly turn into driving distractions and warning signs that your windshield needs replacing.

Windshield Damage:

In most cases, cracks that are small than 6 to 12 inches can actually be fix by repairing the windshield as opposed to replacing it entirely. Although if the damage is thought to be quite significant, it is best to consider replacing your in windshield.

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If you have carefully considered these factors and determined that the best option Is to replace your windshield, Windshield Centers would be glad to help! We offer auto glass replacement for front, rear, and side automobile windows. Contact us today at 800-900-1505

Preparing Your Car For Winter

Cars are often thought as things that were made to be outdoors. And although this is partially true, that does not mean they are completely immune to the outdoor elements. Modern advancements made to the cars available now a days have certainly increased their hardiness in terms of the level of impact colder weather will have on them. Despite this, there are still several simple steps automobile owners can take to ensure that their car is prepared going into the winter season. Forgetting these steps will not make your car fall apart or be unsafe to drive, although, they will help to give you peace of mind throughout the winter months knowing that you don’t have to worry about the health and wellbeing of your automobile as well as those inside of it.

Replace Fluids

The first thing to take care of when preparing your car for the winter is to make sure to replace or refill any fluids. This includes numerous kinds such as oil, coolant, and wiper fluid. Each of these helps the car is its own unique way and for that reason provides their own benefits throughout the winter season. Coolant is crucial to make sure that fluid inside of your radiator does not freeze while wiper fluid is vital to making sure your windshield is kept clear and easy to see through. In addition to these fluids you should check, it is often recommended that individuals switch to a thinner oil to combat temperatures when they drop below freezing.

Check Tire Pressure

One of the most important things to check before the winter weather kicks in is that your cars tire pressure and tread depth are both at an adequate level. This ensures that your car can keep the proper traction on the road even during or after snowstorms when cars are most likely to slip and slide on the roadway.

Winter Supply Box

In addition to the preparations you can take for your car, there are also preparations you can take for yourself while in the car which includes making sure you have what is referred to as a “winter supply” box in your car. This box will contain a windshield wiper/scraper, extra pairs of gloves, and anything else that can help you keep comfortable, safe, and warm in your car this winter.

If your car has any damaged auto glass it is also recommended to get this fixed before the winter weather. This will help to ensure that the glass does not become more damaged or decrease your visibility while driving. Contact Windshield Centers today for help addressing any damaged auto glass.

What to do After a Car Break-In

Experiencing a car break-in is something that puts a real damper on your day which is something that anyone who has fallen victim to one would testify to. Being properly equipped with the knowledge of what to do in such circumstances can help to make the process a little less disheartening. It is important to take action right away in order to properly address the issue once the event of an automobile break-in has occurred.

Steps to Take:

Making sure that you document all the details of the incident, inside and out, as the first step following a car break-in. To ensure an accurate report, be sure to do so without disturbing any of the vehicle’s contents. The windows, trunk, tires, doors, and any other part of the car that may have been damaged needs to be photographed in this situation. Existing evidence may be tampered with if you decide to enter the car which is why this is generally advised against. With the written documentation of damages done to the car and possessions stolen, as well as these photos, it is time to take the next step.

Getting in contact with a variety of individuals including the police department and the insurance company is the second step to take. If you realize confidential financial information has been taken it is also advised that you contact the credit card company. You will eventually have to be contacting these individuals which is the reason why it is so important to document as much as possible in an accurate manner. Depending on severe how the crime is the reporting process can differ which is why the police should be first made aware of the situation. Sometimes victims have to actually visit the station using means of transportation other than the vehicle that was damaged if a police officer is unable to visit the scene of the crime.

Repairing your vehicle and protecting it from any further break-ins is the final step to take after you have contacted the necessary individuals to file reports on the incident. Replacing any broken windows why high-quality auto glass such as that available from the professionals at Carolina Windshield Centers is the best way to do this is to!

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Secrets to Streak-Free Windows

Most automobile experts know how time-consuming, as well as mentally exhausting, correctly cleaning a car window can be. But what they also understand is that many individuals are far too focused on what type of cleaner to buy when the emphasis should instead be placed on proper technique and a high-quality cloth in order to achieve the desired cleanliness in a window.

Many car owners who have experience cleaning their car windows know that doing so without leaving behind any streak can be a real. It does not take massive amounts of effort to have a streak-free window after washing as long as you are using the correct products and techniques that will make it easier for you to deliver a crystal clear window.

Inside and Out

Due to the outside of the window facing numerous elements from nature, the inside of the window is much more protected from these sorts of things. This duality among the window often leads to the act of cleaning a car window being referred to as a story of two tales.  The ensure a window is completely clean you must adjust your strategy for cleaning it by acknowledging the differences between the inside and outside of a window.

In addition to a large amount of water, dirt, and other debris, the outside of an automobile window takes the brunt of any bad weather that takes place. The level of impact such weather can have on the outside of a window can be determined on how the glass was created and its initial quality. Although the inside of a window is not exposed to weather per say, it is exposed to a different environment of dirtying factors. Vinyl, rubber, plastics, and other materials like this that are commonly found in cars “out-gas” over time which can cause film build up. This is the term that is used when describing the process of these materials releasing chemical gasses when exposed to heat, air, and UV lighting is described.

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If you have made the decision that your window is past the point of cleaning, the quality is not what it was meant to be, or the window is just overdue for a replacement, contact the experts at Windshield Centers! We are proud to offer auto glass replacement for the front, rear, and side automobile windows. Contact us today at 800-900-1505


3 Steps To Fix Your Squeaky Car Window

After years of wear and tear, most individuals who own an automobile will start to notice that their windows are squeaking when being rolled up or down. The cause of this is the fact that the lubricant, originally applied by the manufacturer during the windows time of creation, has slowly but surely worn away. The fact that this is inevitably bound to happen to most vehicles can be disheartening to some before they realize that the solution is a quick and affordable fix that requires simply acquiring your own lubricant to apply to the window as well as a rag or roll of paper towels.

Although obtaining a lubricant may be a simple task, it is important to make sure that you are avoiding the use of any petroleum-based or oily lubricant that will allow dirt and dust to be captures and develop into a problem as time goes by. Dry moly lubricants, such as spray silicone grease, are often what is recommended when trying to lubricate your squeaky window due to the fact that it is okay to be used on the numerous materials located within the car door.

Fix your Squeaky Window in 3 steps

Roll down all of your automobiles windows are far as they will go before spraying your moly lubricant inside the rubber seal. Be sure to do this on both sides of the window frame, starting on the top of the window frame before moving down. If any extra lubricant slides down into the seal that is okay as long as it is thoroughly placed down the windows vertical all the way down into the bottom corner.

Roll up your window, preferably whichever one was completed first, after a few minutes. Continue to move the window up and down several times as you should hear you sound lessen or damping with each interval. After doing this to the first window continue to do the same to each window you are treating until you have addressed each that needs attention.

If you find that after taking these steps the squeaking has not ceased to continue, it may be smart to spray the lubricant into the window as you did before but this time with the window all the way up. This will make it so that when the window goes down there will be an optimal amount of lubricant placed strategically to have the most impact.



How to Avoid Side Mirror Damage

If you live in, or frequent, a particularly urban area or park your car on main roads often, you might approach your vehicle with a bit of apprehension after it’s been parked outside for a long while. After all, a lot can happen on a road over the course of several hours. One of the most common victims in these scenarios are your side mirrors. Tucking them in may help but things can still go awry. You might think driving with busted side mirrors is fine for a few days but if you get pulled over, you’re likely looking at some big fines. To avoid the situation altogether, take a look at some of our tips.

Park Your Car in a Safe Area

This is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you aren’t too privy to the area you’re parking in. One of the most common causes of damaged side mirrors is vandalism, though, so use visual cues to help inform your decision on whether the area is “safe” or not. Is there area well lit? Are there cameras? What does the surrounding neighborhood or area look like? These are all questions you should be asking yourself if you’re worried about the state of your vehicle. Vandals are more likely to mess around with your car if it’s parked in a dark area that’s far removed from the public eye.

Park Where There Are Fewer Vehicles

Parking in no man’s land usually means you have a walk a bit farther to get where you want to go, but it’s usually safer for your vehicle to do so. This way, you avoid overly packed parking lots with drivers of varying ability. Parking lots are great places for your car to get dinged up by careless folks. If you can’t leave your car in a more open area, do your best to situate it farther away from large clusters of vehicles. The small walk to your destination is worth saving yourself the potential headache of dealing with damaged auto glass.


Protect your side mirrors by utilizing our tips. If you frequent areas where you often have to leave your car unattended for several hours, or even a day or two, do your best to ensure the area where you leave your vehicle is safe. If you follow these pointers and still run into trouble, you can count on us here at AllStar Windshield Centers to solve the problem.

Windshield Myths Debunked!

Folks like to believe all sorts of things, even when it comes to windshields. But, if you’re not talking to a certified auto glass technician, I’d take everything you hear with a grain of salt. The technicians at Windshield Centers are certified professionals who have the necessary training, knowledge, and work experience to solve your auto glass problems and provide answers to any questions you may have. It’s not hard to come across incorrect information, so trust Windshield Centers to shine some light on the auto glass truth. Check out some common myths below, read on!

1.) Replacing Your Auto Glass Means Your Insurance Rates Go Up

While your insurance company will increase your rate if you make a claim, that won’t happen with windshield replacement. Plenty of insurance companies will outright cover your windshield repair so that you and your passengers are safe. Here at Windshield Centers, we can help you file your insurance claim for new auto glass.

2.) If Your Windshield is Cracked but You Can Still See, You Don’t Have to Fix It

This is entirely wrong. Driving with a cracked windshield not only makes it hard to fully focus on the road, but it also makes the vehicle much less safe for you and your passengers. It’s okay to leave the damage there for a brief amount of time until you can get your appointment set up, but we don’t advise leaving the damage unattended for long. If you get into an accident with compromised auto glass, the situation can be much more dangerous.

3.) You Can Repair Your Windshield Yourself

While you can perform auto glass repairs yourself, we don’t recommend it. A professional auto glass technician will run through every necessary step and ensure your auto glass replacement or repair is done to industry standards and specifications. If you choose to replace your windshield yourself, you stand the chance of doing it improperly. This is not only potentially puts you in harm’s way once you’re on the road, but it also requires you to take more time out of our day to fix a problem that could have already been solved by a professional.


We hope this list helps to dispel any incorrect auto glass advice you’ve received in the past. If you have auto glass that is in need of replacement or repair, please visit Windshield Centers. Our skilled technicians will have you safely back on the road in no time while also answering any inquiries you may have. We look forward to helping you!

How to Cleanly Remove Stickers from Your Auto Glass

Regardless of your car’s age, there’s a good chance you’re going to encounter a vehicle sticker at some point in time that really speaks to you. Prior to applying the sticker, you choose the window it’ll be adhered to with care before slapping it in place. Unfortunately, there’ll likely come a time when you want to remove the sticker. If the sticker has called your window home for many months or even years, you might find it’s a bit more difficult to remove the sticker than you anticipated. But, don’t fret! We’re here to provide some helpful tips on how to cleanly remove it.

Try to Peel the Sticker Off, First

Select a corner of the sticker that seems especially forgiving and peel the sticker off at a diagonal angle. By removing it, or attempting to remove it, diagonally, you’ll ensure the sticker comes off in mostly one piece. If the sticker tears or comes off in small pieces, grab a plastic scraper and get back to peeling.

Upon Removing the Sticker, Use Soap Water

Once you have the sticker itself off your auto glass, you’re likely going to be dealing with a bit of adhesive stuck to your window. So, grab a bucket and fill it with some soap and warm water. Soak a rag with the soapy water and run it along the adhesive. Once the adhesive is thoroughly wet, grab your trusty plastic scraper and remove as much as you can. Approaching the removal of the remaining adhesive in this way should see your auto glass looking right as rain, but if you’re still having some troubles then read on.

A Few Other Options

Sticker adhesive can be a tricky adversary, so the tried and true approach detailed above may not wholly solve your problem. A few other methods you can try are mixing warm water in a bucket with liquid fabric softener as opposed to just soap and cleaning the adhesive off that way. If that isn’t the ticket, you can reach for your trusty Windex bottle and utilize a bit of elbow grease to send that adhesive packing. If that doesn’t work, you may just be dealing with some mutant adhesive but there is one other way too. Try soaking the adhesive with some rubbing alcohol and then wiping it off with a paper towel.


These are the best ways to cleanly remove any sticker from your vehicle’s auto glass. You may love your stickers now but a few years down the line you may be itching to remove them. Utilize our techniques and you’ll have windows that look as though stickers were never there in the first place.