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How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our services: How long does a windshield replacement take?

Our windshield replacements generally take about 60 minutes or less to accomplish, whether we are at your location or ours. Our replacement time is among the fastest in the industry. To be absolutely sure that your vehicle is ready to drive, we set an hour or less safe drive away time to wait after the replacement. This means that you will be able to drive away safely within just one hour of completing the replacement; this is the lowest safe drive away time in the industry. This wait time allows our Sika brand urethane adhesive to properly cool and set, ensuring a structurally sound windshield replacement. We value safety in all of our windshield replacements, because we know how important your windshield is to the safety of drivers and passengers.

Between removing the broken glass, clearing any leftover glass debris, replacing the windshield, and the hour safe drive away time, the whole process takes about two hours. This an industry-low wait time. It allows us to make a clean and complete replacement while ensuring you drive away safe. For more information on our windshield replacement services, call us at 800-900-1505 or contact us online.

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