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How is your Windshield a Safety Feature?

Everyone knows that they should wear their seat belt. Most drivers know if they have air bags in their vehicle. We all see car commercials every day with the test dummies flying forward in a mini-van. But very few drivers are aware of just how important their windshield is to their safety.

In early automobiles, windshields were designed to keep dirt, debris, rocks and any other materials out of the vision of the driver. Now, windshields are designed to contribute heavily to the overall structural integrity of the automobile. In front end collisions, the windshield can provide up to 45% of the structural integrity of the automobile. The rigidity and strength of the windshield is essential for maintaining the structure of the vehicle’s cabin during collision.

In rollovers, your windshield helps support the weight of the car, preventing the roof from caving in. One of the most common causes of fatalities in rollovers are head injuries and ejections. The windshield helps prevent both of these by keeping passengers inside while helping prevent the automobile from crushing into itself.

Additionally, laminated auto glass is strong enough to support the force and speed of a deploying air bag. Many passenger side air bags deploy from the dashboard and actually bounce off of the windshield into the passenger. The strength of a properly installed windshield helps to support this level of force.

The car windshield has developed to become a key safety component for your vehicle. If you encounter any damage to your windshield, you should get it looked at by an auto glass repair expert as soon as possible.


Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop located in the greater Buffalo & Rochester, NY areas. Contact us online or at (800) 900-1505 to schedule windshield repair or replacement services today.

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