Eye Tracking Car Technology Could Improve Safety on the Road

While many new advancements in car technology are focused on fancy dashboard electronics and efficient fuel consumption, many car manufacturers are still focused on improving safety on the road. One cause of motor accidents is drivers falling asleep. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conservatively estimates that 2.5% of fatal motor accidents are caused by drowsy sleeping alone.

New technology, however, is making leaps towards making this problem obsolete. New eye tracking technology is attempting to solve this problem by notifying driver’s who are falling asleep. An Australian company, Seeing Machines, has developed extraordinary new technology  that uses built-in cameras and infrared lights to keep track of the driver’s eye movements and head angle to determine if the driver is alert and awake. The eye tracking technology boasts 60 frames per second monitoring, meaning it is extremely accurate.

A prototype of the new technology was tested in the Jaguar F-type. Even through a pair of sunglasses, the eye tracking tech performed very well, catching any consistent lack of focus accurately. When the device is triggered, a loud beeping sound goes through the automobile and shakes the driver seat. The same technology is currently being used in the private sector for mining machinery. It will be installed in 4000 new cars coming out this year as well.


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