How to Prevent your Side Mirror from Getting Damaged

Breaking your side mirrors is a silly and rare mistake that drivers might make once or twice in their lifetimes. There are a few basic ways that side mirror damage can happen. Follow these tips to avoid it happening to you:

  • Tuck in your mirrors when going through a car wash. Some older car washes require you to fold in your side windows. If you don’t, they can get damaged.
  • Pulling into a very tight space is a no brainer. Don’t force your way into a parking space if you want to protect your side windows.
  • Parking on a busy street in a city or heavily populated suburban area without closing your side mirrors is a good way to get winged by reckless drivers.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners that use ammonia or alcohol when you clean the glass of your windows. Use a microfiber towel that will not scratch the glass.
  • Don’t overuse your power windows. Letting your kids play with the power windows can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the sensitive electronics controlling the power windows.

Breaking your side mirrors is a mistake that can easily be avoided with careful driving.


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How to Avoid Side Mirror Damage

If you live in, or frequent, a particularly urban area or park your car on main roads often, you might approach your vehicle with a bit of apprehension after it’s been parked outside for a long while. After all, a lot can happen on a road over the course of several hours. One of the most common victims in these scenarios are your side mirrors. Tucking them in may help but things can still go awry. You might think driving with busted side mirrors is fine for a few days but if you get pulled over, you’re likely looking at some big fines. To avoid the situation altogether, take a look at some of our tips.

Park Your Car in a Safe Area

This is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you aren’t too privy to the area you’re parking in. One of the most common causes of damaged side mirrors is vandalism, though, so use visual cues to help inform your decision on whether the area is “safe” or not. Is there area well lit? Are there cameras? What does the surrounding neighborhood or area look like? These are all questions you should be asking yourself if you’re worried about the state of your vehicle. Vandals are more likely to mess around with your car if it’s parked in a dark area that’s far removed from the public eye.

Park Where There Are Fewer Vehicles

Parking in no man’s land usually means you have a walk a bit farther to get where you want to go, but it’s usually safer for your vehicle to do so. This way, you avoid overly packed parking lots with drivers of varying ability. Parking lots are great places for your car to get dinged up by careless folks. If you can’t leave your car in a more open area, do your best to situate it farther away from large clusters of vehicles. The small walk to your destination is worth saving yourself the potential headache of dealing with damaged auto glass.


Protect your side mirrors by utilizing our tips. If you frequent areas where you often have to leave your car unattended for several hours, or even a day or two, do your best to ensure the area where you leave your vehicle is safe. If you follow these pointers and still run into trouble, you can count on us here at AllStar Windshield Centers to solve the problem.