advanced drivers assistance systems

The Importance of Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS)

An increasing number of newer model vehicles are starting to include Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are intended to increase car safety thanks to a human-machine interface, keeping you and those around you safe. Although drivers are still responsible for safe driving, ADAS are helping avoid road accidents that occur due to human error. The technologies offer features and alert the driver to potential hazards, problems, and help avoid collisions.

How Do Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems Affect the Windshield?

Many Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems require several cameras and sensors in order to alert the driver of potential hazards. Many of which are installed on the upper, inner surface of the windshield or attached on the headliner, which means that they will need to be recalibrated following a windshield replacement. If these systems are calibrated properly, they will not work properly and give inaccurate information to the driver.

What is ADAS Recalibration?

Once a windshield is repaired or replaced, the ADAS cameras and sensors will be reinstalled and recalibrated.

Static Recalibration – Static recalibration requires a target to be mounted in front of the vehicle to assist with the recalibration process and takes roughly 45-minutes.

Dynamic Recalibration – The vehicle is driven for roughly 30-minutes to one hour at a specific speed to reclibrate the systems.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, both types of recalibration might be necessary.

What Are the Lines on My Rear Windshield For?

You’ve probably noticed the lines on your rear windshield and never really known what they were there for. Sure, they’re great for helping you parallel park and back up along a curb, but they serve a purpose much more than that.

How is the Rear Windshield Made?

Your rear windshield is actually made from tempered glass, the same way your side windows are made. It is then strengthened by thermal and/or chemical treatments to help it withstand blunt force. If it is broken, it will break into tiny chunks instead of large shards, which make it much more safe than other types of glass.

What Are the Lines on My Rear Windshield For?

The main reason for the lines on your rear windshield are for your rear defroster. Small electrical currents will run through the lines to keep the windshield clear and clean to make help you drive safer.

Because of these lines, replacing a rear windshield is a little different than replacing the front, both of which our team at Windshield Centers can tackle! For more information, give us a call today at 1-800-900-1505.

Watching Movies on your Windshield?

Just a few weeks ago, Ford Motor Company filed a patent for a windshield that plays movies. Ford is currently developing a self-driving car and is exploring features that could one day accompany driver-less cars. Of course, the idea behind this will be that by the time driver-less cars hit the road, people will want to have convenient entertainment available to them while they’re sitting in traffic. So logically, if you’re going to have a movie screen in your car, why not use the windshield?

Ford calls their movie windshield the “Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System”. According to the automaker, the system would essentially be a windshield that turns into a 50 inch or larger television screen. The current vision held by Ford for the movie screen is that when the car is in autonomous mode (self-driving) the entertainment will play through the windshield. When the car switches to self-autonomous mode (user-driving), the entertainment will switch over to a screen in the back seat.

Ford admits that while they regularly file patents for new ideas and projects, they don’t always put those projects into development. They are, however, actually developing a driver-less car, so the movie windshield might not be far behind.

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Eye Tracking Car Technology Could Improve Safety on the Road

While many new advancements in car technology are focused on fancy dashboard electronics and efficient fuel consumption, many car manufacturers are still focused on improving safety on the road. One cause of motor accidents is drivers falling asleep. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conservatively estimates that 2.5% of fatal motor accidents are caused by drowsy sleeping alone.

New technology, however, is making leaps towards making this problem obsolete. New eye tracking technology is attempting to solve this problem by notifying driver’s who are falling asleep. An Australian company, Seeing Machines, has developed extraordinary new technology  that uses built-in cameras and infrared lights to keep track of the driver’s eye movements and head angle to determine if the driver is alert and awake. The eye tracking technology boasts 60 frames per second monitoring, meaning it is extremely accurate.

A prototype of the new technology was tested in the Jaguar F-type. Even through a pair of sunglasses, the eye tracking tech performed very well, catching any consistent lack of focus accurately. When the device is triggered, a loud beeping sound goes through the automobile and shakes the driver seat. The same technology is currently being used in the private sector for mining machinery. It will be installed in 4000 new cars coming out this year as well.


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What is an Active Windows Display?

HUDs, or heads up displays, were designed by the military for accessing quick glance information while driving. However, HUDs were useful for more than just military use. They are also very helpful for everyday drivers, and will be even more powerful when HUDs are conveniently and safely displayed on car windshields.

Windshield HUDs garnered some buzz during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With all of your key driving information displayed on the front windshield, drivers will not have to divert their eyes away from the road. Drivers would be able to access a wide array of information and applications. Active window display HUDs will be able host Google and Apple designed apps.

One convenient feature to access on the windshield HUD will be GPS navigation systems. Drivers will not have to look at box GPS systems or dashboard GPS systems; instead the navigation commands will be featured right on their windshield.

Active window displays will allow drivers to interact with their apps completely hands-free as well. While this technology is already available for many drivers, it will only strengthen the safety advantages of windshield display HUDs. Complete synergy between the two technologies will allow for the safest driving experience.

Active windows display could work for any car. It would just need to plugged into the onboard computer. Active window display will work by inversely displaying the HUD from just under the windshield.


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The Future of the Car Dashboard

Car manufacturers and smart phone manufacturers are working together to make dashboards more powerful than ever, as reported by the New York Times this week.

For the past several years, Google and Apple have been developing their respective dashboard technologies, Android Auto and CarPlay. Both systems will have the ability to understand voice commands from the driver, like current blue-tooth systems. However, these dashboard systems would enable users to bring up their  Apple or Android software with essentially the same settings and information as their phones.

Both Google and Apple’s systems would enable drivers to plug their phone into a USB cord, which would bring their phone’s interface up on their dashboard screen. And the phone? That would go blank once the connection is made. Once you are plugged in, your dashboard is now your phone, with the option to make calls and send texts with voice commands. Both companies believe that these innovations will improve driver safety. For most actions, you will only need to use your voice along with occasional, brief glances at the dashboard. Certain apps, like video streaming apps, will be disabled.

Automotive technology is constantly evolving. At Windshield Centers, we stay ahead of the curve on all of the upcoming advancements in automotive technology and safety innovations.