Corning Inc may Return to Auto Glass Industry

The glass giant Corning Inc. once took a shot at the windshield industry about 40 years ago. One of the largest demands for high-quality glass comes from the automotive industry, and Corning nearly took a piece of it with their Chemcor project in the 1970’s. However, the automotive industry had little interest in the glass at the time, and Corning moved onto the production of glass for the sciences, optical lenses, and display technology. In fact, Corning now produces the cover for iPhones and many other smartphone brands.

Corning Inc has recently re-engineered and renamed the Chemcor project from the 70’s to a new line called Gorilla Glass. With a need of about 5.5 billion square feet of auto glass needed a year, the potential for Corning is huge. Gorilla Glass is strong and light, exactly what manufacturers need to keep drivers safe while also keeping gas consumption low. Corning has hinted to Wall Street for years that they will venture into auto glass production. This will surely be met with some resistance by competitors but the glass producer has the resources and knowledge to be successful in the auto industry, so expect a good fight.

For more information about Corning’s venture into windshield production, see the StarGazzette article about the move.