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Tips for Caring for Your Auto Glass

Buying a car is an investment and you should do whatever you can to take care of that investment, including proper auto glass care. A cracked or broken windshield will make your care unable to be used, and lead to a very hefty repair bill. Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your […]

How to Get Better Gas Mileage Out of Your Car

Gas prices are continuing to increase and drivers everywhere are trying to drive less and when they are driving, they’re looking for ways to limit gas consumption. If you too are trying to save on gas and get better gas mileage out of your car, start by driving safely, being aware of your surroundings, and […]

Safe Driving Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions about safe driving and how the features in your car can help you drive safer. While this is true, it’s important not to rely on these safe driving features and make sure you are always abiding by the speed limit, looking where you’re going, and avoiding distractions. If you’re looking […]

7 Safe Driving Tips

Whether you’re driving alone or with passengers, safe driving should always be your number one concern. With more distractions than ever, practicing safe driving every time you’re on the road will keep everyone safe. Safe driving will also save you money, so what are you waiting for? Be Mindful of Blind Spots They’re called that […]

7 Items to Always Keep in Your Car

Car-related issues and every day emergencies come in when you’re least expecting them to and being prepared will make the biggest difference when they come up. To help diagnose any issues, get back on the road faster, and to help those small cuts and bruises heal faster, here are seven items you should always keep […]