7 Items to Always Keep in Your Car

Car-related issues and every day emergencies come in when you’re least expecting them to and being prepared will make the biggest difference when they come up. To help diagnose any issues, get back on the road faster, and to help those small cuts and bruises heal faster, here are seven items you should always keep in your car.

Jumper Cables – Batteries die and sometimes, you aren’t close to anywhere to purchase a new one and don’t have time to wait for roadside assistance. Thanks to the jumper cables you keep in your trunk, it’s easy to get to where you need to go so you can get a new battery installed.

Spare Tire – Flats happen and not all cars have run flats! Always make sure you have a spare tire in your trunk and make sure to replace it (or put the spare back in the trunk) after you repair your flat.

First Aid Kit – Whether you have a really bad blister or your child has fallen and hit their head at the playground, having a well-stocked first aid kit at your finger tips will help clean up small injuries.

Tire Pressure Gauge – Usually very small in size, throw a tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment. When your tires look low, measure them quick and you’ll know just how much air to put back in them to avoid any issues.

Blanket – Blankets always come in hand. Whether your battery dies on a cold night and you need to stay warm while waiting for roadside assistance, you have a spur-of-the-moment picnic, or just need to prevent messes in your backseat when traveling with kids, you’ll never regret throwing an extra blanket in the trunk.

Jack and Lug Wrench – What’s the point of having a spare tire in your car if you don’t have the tools to replace a flat tire? A jack and lug wrench take up a very small amount of space and will make changing a flat tire much easier!

A Durable Multi-Tool – A durable multi-tool will have all of the tools you need in case of an emergency, or even if your child just wants to open their new toy before getting home!