Is It Safe To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?

Although many may not realize it, the windshield of an automobile is one of its most crucial parts. The reason for this is because of the fact that it blocks a variety of elements from entering the vehicle while driving such as wind, rain, snow, and more! When you notice a crack in your windshield it is best to address it as soon as possible because even a small crack can quickly grow from a slight pain to a dangerous safety hazard. Many individuals have no problem ignoring a crack in the windshield although they would feel differently if they knew the crack was unsafe. This is why it is important to know how to check if a cracked windshield is safe to drive using a few factors such as the following:

Windshield Crack Size:

The first and most obvious aspect to check is the actual size of the chip or crack. There is a higher chance of your state having laws against you driving if your vehicle has a crack that is long and spread out. In this scenario, the best thing to do is address the problem immediately by replacing the entire windshield. Although, this does not have to be done if the crack is insignificantly small.

Windshield Crack Position:

In addition to the size of the crack it is vital to take into consideration where the crack is located on the windshield as the location can play a vital role in determining whether or not it is safe to drive behind the damaged window. Smaller cracks on the passenger said are often okay to ignore as they will not impede on the drivers ability to see the road whereas cracks that are located on the drivers side and have the potential to grow due to changes in temperature causing the glass to expand and contract. These sort of cracks can quickly turn into driving distractions and warning signs that your windshield needs replacing.

Windshield Damage:

In most cases, cracks that are small than 6 to 12 inches can actually be fix by repairing the windshield as opposed to replacing it entirely. Although if the damage is thought to be quite significant, it is best to consider replacing your in windshield.

Contact Windshield Centers Regarding Your Auto Glass Needs!

If you have carefully considered these factors and determined that the best option Is to replace your windshield, Windshield Centers would be glad to help! We offer auto glass replacement for front, rear, and side automobile windows. Contact us today at 800-900-1505

Preparing Your Car For Winter

Cars are often thought as things that were made to be outdoors. And although this is partially true, that does not mean they are completely immune to the outdoor elements. Modern advancements made to the cars available now a days have certainly increased their hardiness in terms of the level of impact colder weather will have on them. Despite this, there are still several simple steps automobile owners can take to ensure that their car is prepared going into the winter season. Forgetting these steps will not make your car fall apart or be unsafe to drive, although, they will help to give you peace of mind throughout the winter months knowing that you don’t have to worry about the health and wellbeing of your automobile as well as those inside of it.

Replace Fluids

The first thing to take care of when preparing your car for the winter is to make sure to replace or refill any fluids. This includes numerous kinds such as oil, coolant, and wiper fluid. Each of these helps the car is its own unique way and for that reason provides their own benefits throughout the winter season. Coolant is crucial to make sure that fluid inside of your radiator does not freeze while wiper fluid is vital to making sure your windshield is kept clear and easy to see through. In addition to these fluids you should check, it is often recommended that individuals switch to a thinner oil to combat temperatures when they drop below freezing.

Check Tire Pressure

One of the most important things to check before the winter weather kicks in is that your cars tire pressure and tread depth are both at an adequate level. This ensures that your car can keep the proper traction on the road even during or after snowstorms when cars are most likely to slip and slide on the roadway.

Winter Supply Box

In addition to the preparations you can take for your car, there are also preparations you can take for yourself while in the car which includes making sure you have what is referred to as a “winter supply” box in your car. This box will contain a windshield wiper/scraper, extra pairs of gloves, and anything else that can help you keep comfortable, safe, and warm in your car this winter.

If your car has any damaged auto glass it is also recommended to get this fixed before the winter weather. This will help to ensure that the glass does not become more damaged or decrease your visibility while driving. Contact Windshield Centers today for help addressing any damaged auto glass.