What to do After a Car Break-In

Experiencing a car break-in is something that puts a real damper on your day which is something that anyone who has fallen victim to one would testify to. Being properly equipped with the knowledge of what to do in such circumstances can help to make the process a little less disheartening. It is important to take action right away in order to properly address the issue once the event of an automobile break-in has occurred.

Steps to Take:

Making sure that you document all the details of the incident, inside and out, as the first step following a car break-in. To ensure an accurate report, be sure to do so without disturbing any of the vehicle’s contents. The windows, trunk, tires, doors, and any other part of the car that may have been damaged needs to be photographed in this situation. Existing evidence may be tampered with if you decide to enter the car which is why this is generally advised against. With the written documentation of damages done to the car and possessions stolen, as well as these photos, it is time to take the next step.

Getting in contact with a variety of individuals including the police department and the insurance company is the second step to take. If you realize confidential financial information has been taken it is also advised that you contact the credit card company. You will eventually have to be contacting these individuals which is the reason why it is so important to document as much as possible in an accurate manner. Depending on severe how the crime is the reporting process can differ which is why the police should be first made aware of the situation. Sometimes victims have to actually visit the station using means of transportation other than the vehicle that was damaged if a police officer is unable to visit the scene of the crime.

Repairing your vehicle and protecting it from any further break-ins is the final step to take after you have contacted the necessary individuals to file reports on the incident. Replacing any broken windows why high-quality auto glass such as that available from the professionals at Carolina Windshield Centers is the best way to do this is to!

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