3 Steps To Fix Your Squeaky Car Window

After years of wear and tear, most individuals who own an automobile will start to notice that their windows are squeaking when being rolled up or down. The cause of this is the fact that the lubricant, originally applied by the manufacturer during the windows time of creation, has slowly but surely worn away. The fact that this is inevitably bound to happen to most vehicles can be disheartening to some before they realize that the solution is a quick and affordable fix that requires simply acquiring your own lubricant to apply to the window as well as a rag or roll of paper towels.

Although obtaining a lubricant may be a simple task, it is important to make sure that you are avoiding the use of any petroleum-based or oily lubricant that will allow dirt and dust to be captures and develop into a problem as time goes by. Dry moly lubricants, such as spray silicone grease, are often what is recommended when trying to lubricate your squeaky window due to the fact that it is okay to be used on the numerous materials located within the car door.

Fix your Squeaky Window in 3 steps

Roll down all of your automobiles windows are far as they will go before spraying your moly lubricant inside the rubber seal. Be sure to do this on both sides of the window frame, starting on the top of the window frame before moving down. If any extra lubricant slides down into the seal that is okay as long as it is thoroughly placed down the windows vertical all the way down into the bottom corner.

Roll up your window, preferably whichever one was completed first, after a few minutes. Continue to move the window up and down several times as you should hear you sound lessen or damping with each interval. After doing this to the first window continue to do the same to each window you are treating until you have addressed each that needs attention.

If you find that after taking these steps the squeaking has not ceased to continue, it may be smart to spray the lubricant into the window as you did before but this time with the window all the way up. This will make it so that when the window goes down there will be an optimal amount of lubricant placed strategically to have the most impact.