5 Quick Tips for Keeping your Car Clean this Summer

  • Have access to a compressed air machine? Start with that when you’re cleaning your carpet. Many modern cars have thick and curly carpets. Use a compressed air machine to blow out the dirt and crumbs baked into the carpeting. If you don’t have a compressed air machine, take a stiff brush to the carpet and use some elbow grease to clean out the junk.
  • Clean your tires with a non-acid solution to prevent accidentally taking off any paint or coating.
  • Give the body of the car a hand wash; allow yourself the time to get detailed with the cleaning and get all the nooks and crannies of the vehicle. Nice long and broad strokes will leave the car with no noticeable streaks, leaving only a fully washed and shining body.
  • Polish and wax the outside of the car to both smooth out and protect the paint. Polishing will make sure the paint is smooth, and a follow up wax will help protect it against the elements going forward.
  • Brush the interior of your car with a vacuum on hand, that way you will suck away the dust before it floats off into the rest of the car. A small brush is helpful for lifting dust off of the small knobs and vents in your car.