Corning Inc may Return to Auto Glass Industry

The glass giant Corning Inc. once took a shot at the windshield industry about 40 years ago. One of the largest demands for high-quality glass comes from the automotive industry, and Corning nearly took a piece of it with their Chemcor project in the 1970’s. However, the automotive industry had little interest in the glass at the time, and Corning moved onto the production of glass for the sciences, optical lenses, and display technology. In fact, Corning now produces the cover for iPhones and many other smartphone brands.

Corning Inc has recently re-engineered and renamed the Chemcor project from the 70’s to a new line called Gorilla Glass. With a need of about 5.5 billion square feet of auto glass needed a year, the potential for Corning is huge. Gorilla Glass is strong and light, exactly what manufacturers need to keep drivers safe while also keeping gas consumption low. Corning has hinted to Wall Street for years that they will venture into auto glass production. This will surely be met with some resistance by competitors but the glass producer has the resources and knowledge to be successful in the auto industry, so expect a good fight.

For more information about Corning’s venture into windshield production, see the StarGazzette article about the move.

Will I be able to see the damage after the windshield repair?

At Windshield Centers, our windshield repair technicians use our Clarity® Windshield Repair Resin to fill areas of damage so that they are virtually invisible. Our repair resin is designed to match the refractive index of the glass it is inserted into. This is what gives our repair resin the name “Clarity”. The resin creates the most complete and clear repair possible. This guarantees the safest repair, because the driver can see as clearly as possible out of the front windshield.

After the repair, the damage will be nearly invisible. The repair resin used at Windshield Centers has a viscosity very similar to water. This allows the resin to completely fill the point of damage. Afterwards, the Clarity® repair resin does not shrink, which occurs to many other resins on the market. With a complete fill, and no shrinkage, the point of damage will only be noticeable on close inspection.


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How to Protect your Windshield

Over time, every part of the automobile takes on stress and damage. It is just a reality of being on the road and out in the elements. The windshield is no different. The windshield is a key structural component for every automobile. It helps support the roof in rollovers and helps keep the structure of the car intact in front end collisions. But over time, the windshield begins to lose its strength, leading to cracking and chipping that requires replacement or repair. There are, however, a few things you can do to keep your windshield healthy over time:

  • As we have mentioned in our glass cleaning blog, ammonia-based cleaning products are damaging to auto glass. Avoid using these cleaners because they will damage the tint on your auto glass.
  • In the winter, windshields are especially prone to damage. If you get a crack on your windshield during the winter, you should get it fixed right away. In the meantime, however, avoid putting your defrosters on the windshield because the heat can cause the crack to spread quicker.
  • Keep your distance. Avoid tailgating any commercial trucks because they could be carrying something that will let off debris. Construction and gravel trucks are especially dangerous to drive behind.
  • Avoid slamming your car doors. The reverberation from slamming a door can actually slowly damage a windshield, and slamming your door will definitely spread minor damage if done hard enough. Slamming your car door can also cause damage to your power windows and door latch.

Your windshield is a key safety feature to your automobile. Protect it using these tips. For more information about auto glass safety, visit our blog or contact us online.

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How is your Windshield a Safety Feature?

Everyone knows that they should wear their seat belt. Most drivers know if they have air bags in their vehicle. We all see car commercials every day with the test dummies flying forward in a mini-van. But very few drivers are aware of just how important their windshield is to their safety.

In early automobiles, windshields were designed to keep dirt, debris, rocks and any other materials out of the vision of the driver. Now, windshields are designed to contribute heavily to the overall structural integrity of the automobile. In front end collisions, the windshield can provide up to 45% of the structural integrity of the automobile. The rigidity and strength of the windshield is essential for maintaining the structure of the vehicle’s cabin during collision.

In rollovers, your windshield helps support the weight of the car, preventing the roof from caving in. One of the most common causes of fatalities in rollovers are head injuries and ejections. The windshield helps prevent both of these by keeping passengers inside while helping prevent the automobile from crushing into itself.

Additionally, laminated auto glass is strong enough to support the force and speed of a deploying air bag. Many passenger side air bags deploy from the dashboard and actually bounce off of the windshield into the passenger. The strength of a properly installed windshield helps to support this level of force.

The car windshield has developed to become a key safety component for your vehicle. If you encounter any damage to your windshield, you should get it looked at by an auto glass repair expert as soon as possible.


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Four Tips for Cleaning your Auto Glass

With springtime upon us, many drivers will be cleaning their cars to wash away the dirt and grime left over from the winter. If you are washing your car yourself, use these tips to help you properly clean your auto glass.

  • Find an auto glass cleaner. You should avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol because not only are the fumes dangerous, but they can also damage your window tint. Exposure to those chemicals will also damage interior leather or vinyl. Look for a glass cleaner that is safe for tinted windows.
  • Use a glass cleaning towel. Find yourself a high-quality microfiber towel for cleaning your glass. Bad quality towels will only leave streaks on your windows, so you’ll just end up working against yourself. At worst, a bad towel can even scratch your glass.
  • Use long and steady motions when wiping with the microfiber towel. Long back and forth motions ensure that you are completely covering the glass you are working on, and minimizes streaks.
  • Do not clean your windows in the direct sunlight. The sun can dry the water and glass cleaner faster than you can actually clean with it. This causes spots and streaks because you can’t work them out fast enough. Try to clean your windows in the shade if possible.


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