The Future of the Car Dashboard

Car manufacturers and smart phone manufacturers are working together to make dashboards more powerful than ever, as reported by the New York Times this week.

For the past several years, Google and Apple have been developing their respective dashboard technologies, Android Auto and CarPlay. Both systems will have the ability to understand voice commands from the driver, like current blue-tooth systems. However, these dashboard systems would enable users to bring up their  Apple or Android software with essentially the same settings and information as their phones.

Both Google and Apple’s systems would enable drivers to plug their phone into a USB cord, which would bring their phone’s interface up on their dashboard screen. And the phone? That would go blank once the connection is made. Once you are plugged in, your dashboard is now your phone, with the option to make calls and send texts with voice commands. Both companies believe that these innovations will improve driver safety. For most actions, you will only need to use your voice along with occasional, brief glances at the dashboard. Certain apps, like video streaming apps, will be disabled.

Automotive technology is constantly evolving. At Windshield Centers, we stay ahead of the curve on all of the upcoming advancements in automotive technology and safety innovations.

Do I Need to Get my Windshield Replaced?

Many times, one of the first things our customers ask is if they need to get their windshield completely replaced. The short answer is, many of them do not. Minor windshield damage does not always call for a full replacement. In cases where a windshield only has small chips and cracks, we can actually repair your windshield, instead of replace it. Generally, we can fix chips that are smaller than a quarter, and cracks that are shorter than the length of a dollar bill. However, it is up to the discretion of our auto glass specialists whether the repair will fit within our safety specifications.

Another reason we may have to replace your windshield is if the windshield damage is in the direct view of the driver. If the damage is minor and out of the way of the driver’s vision, we can probably repair your windshield damage, saving you time and money. For more information on our windshield repair services, call us at 800-900-1505 or contact us online.

Windshield Repair Services

The Importance of Repairing Minor Windshield Damage

Minor windshield damage is common and unavoidable. Small chips in your windshield can come from rocks being kicked up by other cars, heavy weather, or vandalism. No matter how you get the damage, it can be easy to put the problem on the backburner. If it’s a small crack, you might tell yourself that its not a big deal, and can wait. But even the smallest crack can turn into a big problem.

In the winter time, a great amount of stress is placed on auto glass. Cold weather puts stress on the windshield, which can cause the glass to warp, and the damage to spread. Snow, freezing rain, and hail all have the potential to make the damage even worse.

There are many benefits to getting your windshield repaired before the damage gets out of hand. Our windshield repair process is exceedingly fast; we can have you back on the road in as little as 20 minutes. Our repair services are also more affordable, with many insurance providers completely covering the cost of the service. Additionally, even minor cracks can make the windshield structurally weak, decreasing the chance of the windshield holding up in accidents.

Don’t put off repairing you windshield any longer. Book an appointment today or call us at 800-900-1505.

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